Pictomio 1.2.31

Spectacular 3D photo viewer


  • Very powerful - adds 3D effects to photo collections
  • Easy to use, label and rate your photos


  • Still may be prone to bugs and errors
  • Doesn't have an easy uploader to internet

Very good

Pictomio is a photo viewer that enables you to search your hard drive for photos and create presentations with them.

The main outstanding feature is that Pictomio turns all your photos into 3D images giving your collection a really cool and unique look. It's great for impressing friends or just breathing life into old images. Previously, from the visualizer in Pictomio you, could only see the photos, their EXIF information and histograms. Up until early 2008 you could only score them and rotate them but now the program has reached Beta stage and it has to be said, it's an impressive package. The program is now a much more serious photo manager contender with completed features such as 3D models for albums and categories, improved models for drives, album/category sidebar to quickly drop your images, automatic upgrade checker and a filter drop down menu amongst many others. This is only a tiny selection of the program's new functionality as other completed features include the saving of user settings (positions and sizes of UI elements, view mode, filter settings, etc.), direct renaming of thumbnails and a new option to show and hide hidden files. Of course, the program is still in beta stage which means that it may be vulnerable to some bugs and errors although none were noted. Of course, Pictomio still also allows you to categorize photos by topics, sort and view your photos by date, rating, or category and view every pixel of your photos using smooth liquid zooming. You can of course still also view your photos in a slideshow presentation.

This is a very easy to use but powerful program and deserves to do well in the 3D imaging market.

Added hungarian language file Fixed an issue with commercial licenses Fixed many small issues with the image up- and download services


  • Added hungarian language file Fixed an issue with commercial licenses Fixed many small issues with the image up- and download services

Pictomio is an application used to manage, organize, and archive your photo collection and be used to create elaborate animated slideshows. Utilizing the processing power of the latest 3D graphics cards, the Pictomio software offers techniques and effects that are previously available only in game development.

Pictomio's use of 3D-accelerated user interfaces incorporating dynamically calculated animations and effects provides you with a completely new user experience.



Pictomio 1.2.31

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